Ayurveda – The Science of Long Life

Auyrveda is “Science of Longevity” from India which was revealed to meditative minds of Seers about 5000 years ago.  It is based on universal principle of healing body, mind & spirit & it promotes natural beauty, heaImagelth & long life. It is a living &growing knowledge- always useful.

Ayurveda says, since we are a part of Cosmos, whatever is in cosmos, is within us.  Cosmos is made of 5 basic energies, namely Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth; we are also made of these energies & not chemicals.

In our body these 5 energies are further grouped in 3 Bio energies OR Tridohsa, namely Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Vata is cool & dry; it is force of movement or circulation in our body.  Pitta is warm &liquidy, itis force of transformation or digestion in our body. Kaphais cool & sticky it is force of stability or firmness.

These forces get unbalanced due to life style or circumstances. Ayurveda aims at balancing these Doshas or forces for a harmonious living.

All of us are born with one with 1 dominant force. It may be either Vata/dryskin, Pitta/ oily skin or Kapha/swollen skin.  At a time a person may have 2 dominant forces, then skin gives combination look of those forces. Unbalanced Dosha is best reflected on skin.

Vedic Line aims at balancing effect of unbalanced Dosha on skin & hair with most suitable beauty products by combining Ayurvedic understanding with western Scientific Actives.


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